About the Commission

According to section 5 of the Act, the Commission on Export of Cultural Assets consists of five members whereof four of the members sit ex officio, that is to say in the capacity of their job as heads of the four national institutions in the area:

  • the National Gallery (“Statens Museum for Kunst”)
  • the National Museum
  • the Danish National Archives (“Rigsarkivet”)
  • the Royal Danish Library (“Det Kongelige Bibliotek”)

The fifth member is appointed by the Minister of Culture for a period of four years among the leaders of non-governmental museums in Denmark.

The Commission on Export of Cultural Assets is serviced by a secretariat which consists of a secretary on half-time and a legal special adviser. The secretariat is currently located at the Royal Danish Library.

Current members of the Commission

  • Svend Larsen (chair)
    director, the Royal Danish Library
  • Morten Ellegaard (deputy chair)
    director, the National Archives
  • Astrid La Cour
    director, the National Gallery
  • Rane Willerslev
    director, the National Museum
  • Anne-Louise Sommer
    director, Designmuseum Danmark